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The information you send should include as much of the following as possible:

Your Name and Contact Information (phone & email)

Briefly describe the transaction.
(Is it a purchase, refinance, buying out a partner, whatever?)

Briefly describe the real estate.
(Where is it? What is it? What's the occupancy? What condition is it in?)

Provide Property information.
Current Rent Roll (include unit size, lease start and expiration when possible)
Last years income and expenses (more if you have it)
Year to date income and expenses
Your projected income and expenses
Photographs via email are a GREAT HELP
(Sometimes the Real Estate Broker has an e-mailable file)

Identify the Borrower.
What is the actual name title will be held in?
Who are the Principals?
What is their background?
If current financials are available, it is helpful

Describe your goals and plans.
How much do you want to borrow?
What terms are you looking for?
What is your timing for closing?
Do you intend to hold it or sell it in a few years? (whatever)


We appreciate the opportunity to consider your request.
Clifford E. DuBois