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Catalina Mortgage Company, Inc. has been providing financing for Commercial Real Estate since 1979.  Properties include Offices, Retail, Shopping Centers, Net Lease, STNL, Industrial Buildings, Warehouses, Self Storage, Motels & Hotels.  With our experience, we understand the details of various commercial real estate and have the experience to match your particular property and objectives with the best financing option.  We can provide permanent financing for purchases or refinancing and also offer value-ad financing, bridge loans and hard money financing for commercial real estate.

Acquisition, Refinance or Renovation

$500,000 to $50,000,000

Recourse and Non-Recourse Option


Loan Terms will vary depending on a number of details such as:

Location and market condition

Operating History and Occupancy

Property Age and Condition
Leverage Requested
Borrower Financial Strength

Please Note that not all properties, locations, borrower objectives etc. are the same, and not all loan program details are the same.

Catalina Mortgage Company, Inc. has the expertise to evaluate your needs, the details of the collateral and match that with the best financing alternatives.

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